2014 Review

PI: Drew Bagnell (CMU).

PM: Behzad Kamgar-Parsi


CMU: Drew Bagnell, Geoff Gordon, Maxim Likhachev, Tony Stentz
U Washington: Dieter Fox
UIUC: Steven LaValle
MIT: Nicholas Roy
UPenn: Jianbo Shi


Please notify Jessica Butterbaugh if your plan to attend.


Date: Monday, November 3 2014 (9:30 AM – 4:30 PM)
Place: Gates-Hillman Center 2109 , 5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15213 [map]


9:00am Coffee and Continental Breakfast

9:30am Drew Bagnell, Introduction & Summary. “Information Space Reasoning: Problems and Progress

10:00am Tony Stentz, Inferring Maps and Behaviors from Natural Language.

10:30am Byron Boots, Method of Moments for System Identification.

11:00am Kevin Waugh, Enhancing game theory: A short tutorial on predicting strategic behavior.

11:50pm Lunch

12:45pm Geoff Gordon, Taking advantage of supervised learners for graphical model and dynamical system learning.

1:15pm Jianbo Shi, Computational Representation of Social Behavior.

1:45pm Max Likhachev, Multi-heuristic A*.

2:15pm Coffee Break

2:30pm Nick Roy, Nonparametric Bayesian inference on multivariate exponential families.

3:00pm Drew Bagnell, Closing and Future Work, “Information Space Reasoning: Features and the Future“

3:30pm Government Team Meeting and Feedback to MURI Team

4:30pm Meeting adjourned.