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by sross on March 22, 2010

A new paper from the project set to appear at AISTATS 2010:

S. Ross and J. A. Bagnell. Efficient Reductions for Imitation Learning. To appear in Proc. of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), 2010. [pdf] [supplementary material]

Abstract: Imitation Learning, while applied successfully on many large real-world problems, is typically addressed as a standard supervised learning problem, where it is assumed the training and testing data are i.i.d..  This is not true in imitation learning as the learned policy influences the future test inputs (states) upon which it will be tested. We show that this leads to compounding errors and a regret bound that grows quadratically in the time horizon of the task. We propose two alternative algorithms for imitation learning where training occurs over several episodes of interaction. These two approaches share in common that the learner’s policy is slowly modified from executing the expert’s policy to the learned policy. We show that this leads to stronger performance guarantees and demonstrate the improved performance on two challenging problems: training a learner to play 1) a 3D racing game (Super Tux Kart) and 2) Mario Bros.; given input images from the games and corresponding actions taken by a human expert and near-optimal planner respectively.

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