Upcoming Conference Publications

February 17, 2010

Geoff Gordon and his group have papers appearing in the upcoming ICASSP 2010 and AAMAS 2010:
B. Boots, G. Gordon, and S. Siddiqi. Closing the Learning-Planning Loop with Predictive State Representations (extended abstract). To appear in 9th Intl. Conf. on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS), 2010. [pdf]
J. Ramos, S. Siddiqi, A. Dubrawski, [...]

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Information Space Tutorial @ IROS 2009

October 7, 2009

Steven LaValle, one of the group’s members, is giving a tutorial on Information Spaces at the upcoming IROS 2009 workshop. More information on the tutorial can be found at http://msl.cs.uiuc.edu/~lavalle/iros09/.

There is also an accompanying paper at http://msl.cs.uiuc.edu/~lavalle/iros09/paper.pdf with a number of minimalist abstract sensor models including detection sensors, gap sensors, and relational sensors [...]

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Software Frameworks for Collaborative Robotics

September 23, 2009

“An Overview of MOOS-IvP and a Brief Users Guide to the IvP Helm Autonomy Software”

“Extending a MOOS-IvP Autonomy System and Users Guide to the IvPBuild Toolbox”

“MOOS-IvP Autonomy Tools Users Manual”

“A Tour of MOOS-IvP Autonomy Software Modules”

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What is Information Space?

August 11, 2009
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Any system with sensors finds itself living in an information space (called I-space for short), whether it wants to or not. What does this mean and why does this happen? Consider a complicated scenario such as a team of robots operating in the real world. What is the appropriate notion of state?

In computer science, state is usually [...]

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